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I am Amy (Willow) Strand of Nomadic Spirit Works. I am a Spiritual Artist. I use my intuitive abilities to determine the best way to help someone remove blockages, harmful patterns, and stuck energies so that they can move forward or approach problems with more clarity and understanding. I have been doing this work in various ways for as long as I can remember. I started out doing tarot readings at 13 years old. I have been intuitive for as long as I can recall. I have had a lot of supernatural experiences that have led me down this road. I am very conscious of cultural appropriation behaviors and practices within the holistic community and am doing my best not to attribute to the erasure of cultures. I am constantly learning, and questioning which allows me to grow as a person and artist.



Oracle Readings

I use various decks to help people get the answers they need from the Spirit realms. One deck I have used for 22 years and it has been a loyal companion. The decks used are based on what my intuition tells me based on the client and what they need.

Readings: $40
(add $20 if the reading goes past 60 minutes)
Travel charges added for in person readings at your location.

Energy Healing

I work with various energies to help the Seeker find a way to release and heal old patterns, outdated behaviors/programming, remove old energy that isn’t not their’s to carry, and to allow new seeds to be planted so the Seeker can move forward with their goals and life.

Healing Work: 30 minutes – $45, 60 minutes – $90

Custom Jewelry

This piece will be personalized based on the needs of the person receiving it and their circumstances (areas they need help with, specific stone w requested properties, etc).

Starting at $20

Home Cleansing

I use sound, elements, and my own special concoctions (no sage) in home cleansings. I have a discussion with the spirits of the home, those living within the home, and the Guides to find the best way to create a healthier more prosperous environment for all involved. This can mean using cleansing sprays with sacred oils, holy water, incense, cleansing bundles, sound work like chimes, drums, or other elemental tools. I do not use white sage in any of my work, as I have found more sustainable options.

Home Cleansings $120 plus fuel charge

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I love meeting with people in person at local events and faires.  Below is a list of where I will be in the near future!  Drop by for a brief reading, and browse my shop for unique artful gifts to support you or someone you love on this blessed spiritual journey of life!

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